Transportation Safety Manager


Oversee the management of the transportation safety department. Monitor and ensure compliance with applicable federal and state regulations. Direct the development and implementation of general and specific safety programs. Conduct and monitor incident reporting and investigation. Recommend corrective / preventative measures to reduce risks. Analyze and update safety policies, procedures and plans that promote a safer work environment. Enhance and modernize legacy systems using technology. Review driver applications for compliance with company and applicable federal and or state regulations. Perform technical research related to the handling of hazardous materials in transportation.??Area to include FMCSA, PHMSA, IATA and OSHA, related activities.


  • Develop implement and track programs/procedures that provide the highest level of EHS conformance within transport divisions

  • Track and publish EHS performance indicators in support of Martin's transportation activities, including truck, rail, and pipeline

  • Work with business leaders and managers to develop and deploy strategies to improve EHS compliance and performance

  • Seek opportunities for efficiency gains and performance improvements through leveraging management systems and technology

  • Audit transportation activities to verify compliance with company, customer, local, state, and federal standards and expectations.

  • Provide technical support to the Martin EHS group and business units

  • Maintain policies and procedures as necessary including the Transport Safety Manual and Transport Driver's Manual

  • Participate in regulatory, customer, and internal audits, assessments, and reviews as corporate safety liaison

  • Oversee the maintenance of accurate and current DOT accident register and driver qualification files.

  • Ensure proper auditing of DOT hours of service and maintenance records

  • Coordinate, organize and conduct safety meetings and related EHS awards programs

  • Direct or supervise the investigation of crashes, incidents, and injuries using critical thinking cause and effect analysis methods

  • Communicate applicable new or revised federal or state regulations to affected personnel

  • Manage and develop assigned safety staff

  • Tasks as listed on RCMS Responsibility and Accountability Matrix


This position will have supervisory responsibility for the transportation safety division. Under the direction of the director corporate safety, this position will implement the programs and assure compliance within the safety group and external customers. Performs activities under direct and indirect supervision.


4 Year College Degree; BS BA degree previous safety / environmental experience, any further education/training associated with environmental and safety coursework, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • A minimum of five (5) years' experience exhibiting proven safety and environmental expertise directly related transportation activities.

  • Ability to communicate with both management other employees

  • Extensive experience in the transportation industry

  • Knowledge of federal and state regulations regarding safe transportation of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials

  • Knowledge of driver training instruction and safety

  • Knowledge of laws pertaining to Cargo Tank Compliance with the US Department of Transportation.

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