Diesel Mechanic Technician - A/ Lead Mechanic

Tech A- needs 5 recent years experience with either ASE certifications or School Training in Diesel Mechanics.
Lead Tech A- Needs 8 years experience and 3 years experience in a lead or supervisory role in the Diesel Mechanics field.

PRINCIPAL Responsibilities:
Maintain advanced knowledge of a vehicle's engine, emission systems, transmission, brake, hydraulic and electrical systems to perform advanced preventive and repair maintenance functions, on site and on the road, including:
Advanced engine chassis repair and maintenance;
Advanced knowledge of vehicle body control systems, including hydraulics and electrical systems to maintain and repair the vehicles in a timely and safe manner;
Advanced knowledge of heating and air conditioning systems to effectively diagnose and repair complex heating and cooling systems in the vehicles in a timely and safe manner; and
Safely operating welding tools to fix heavy equipment in a safe and efficient manner to ensure the equipment is back in an operable condition as quickly and as safely as possible.
Identify the source of the malfunctions using a variety of electronic tools.
Refer more complex repairs to Lead Technician.
Completion of applicable Company training programs.
At least three years experience in a technician position requiring knowledge and application of OSHA Haz Com, OSHA Lock Out Tag Out and all OSHA Fire Protection regulations.
At least 3 years prior experience as a technician working on heavy duty Class 8 trucks.
High School Diploma or G.E.D.
ASE T4 Brakes.
ASE T5 Suspension and Steering.
ASE T6 Electrical/Electronic.
Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification T2 Diesel Engine.
ASE T-Master Certified.
ASE T3 Drive Train.
ASE T7 HVAC Systems.
Class B Commercial Driver's License.
Previous experience in the heavy transportation industry as a technician.

Don't Be Fooled

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